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The WILDIME are a band get formed in July 2010 by singer guitarist Lance Cross. After a Prog rock Project with Guido Farid in May of 2010, Lance, is looking for new members for a new project and a new sound, so, with Guido, Mauro and Dario,will start the realization of the first EP "Sweet Baby Insane" The recording was completed in February 2011 and brings the band to a stalemate, after the self-distribution lasted about a year and a few concerts, Lance is forced to put the break the project due to several changes in the line-up and the departure in the United States. In September 2012 after his return to Italy, finally the line up is completed with Rango (drums) Gabbro Cardella (bass) and Luca Incandela (Guitar), and will start of the Southern Tribute Wildime a Live Project aims to bring back the band playing live, proposing the EP Songs and some cover of the leading exponents of the Southern Rock; The different dates bring visibility to the band that is able to organize several concerts in Palermo and province. Meanwhile, the Band works on new songs that will be part of the album Beams Of Bones Walls Recorded and mastered at Kick Recording Studio in Rome in November 2014. In February 2015 Wildime will sign with Revalve Records
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Peppo Palmisano